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The Myths of 20/20 Vision

Are the common myths about vision causing you or your child to struggle unnecessarily?

Six reasons to read When Your Child Struggles by Dr. David Cook
  1. You or your bright child does well in math but struggles with reading.
  2. Homework, which should take minutes, drags on all evening and ends with you losing your temper and your child crying.
  3. Your child does not read for fun and may NEVER develop a love of reading.
  4. Your child is struggling to learn to read, dropping out small words and filling in words that aren't really there, failing to recognize the same word in a later line that you taught him on an earlier line.
  5. Your child fails to complete writing or board work or to get his thoughts down on paper even though he or she is highly verbal and can easily answer the teacher's questions.
  6. Your child's frustration in school is causing him to be labeled as "disabled" or having "attention deficit disorder" even though you are not aware of these problems at home except when schoolwork is mentioned. Your child's attention is good for listening and poor only when vision learning is involved.
  7. You or your child have an eye that drifts or is lazy. Perhaps you've been told surgery is necessary or that it's "too late" to be helped. Perhaps, after surgery, the eye is drifting again. Perhaps the patch wasn't worn, or patching didn't work. Perhaps surgery has straightened the eye, but depth perception, coordination, driving, reading or desk work is still a problem.
If any apply, end the struggle. Order Today!

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