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Vision Therapy for those with Autism and Asperger's Disorder
For many years at Cook Vision Therapy Center, we have worked with the special visual needs of those who suffer with autism spectrum disorders or Asperger's Disorder.

To understand these conditions, imagine what it would be like to be a size 10 soul forced into a size 4 body. You'd be about as comfortable as Cinderella's sisters cramming their toes into the glass slipper. One way of looking at autism and it's highly intelligent cousin "Asperger's disorder," is that there is a mismatch between the mind and the body and that the mind doesn't care for what the body is saying.

Those with autism often seem to be more comfortable in their own worlds than in ours. Whenever possible, they look at the "pictures within" rather than "world without." They try to avoid the scrambled information they receive through their senses. They may find themselves in a constant battle as the world around them invades their "private" space through their body, ears and eyes.

For instance, such individuals may be oversensitive to touch, requiring occupational therapists to reduce "tactile defensiveness." Some may be over-sensitive to sound, requiring systematic auditory training to reduce listening distortion or discomfort.

Vision Therapy works in the same way as we develop the autistic person's "7 Visual Abilities."

In summary, we communicate with the world about us through sight, sound and touch. Those who avoid input from these senses avoid communication with the world. Vision therapy allows those with autism spectrum disorders and Asperger's disorder to begin to take in information through their eyes without painful, disturbing and distorted perception. The result: a person who is further freed from the world "within"and better able to communicate with the world "without."
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